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Business Central: Give the Customers a Lobster Dining Experience

Microsoft’s Business Central, like the lobster could be considered one of the most remarkable rebrandings in product history.

Lobster was not always considered the delicacy it is today.  The settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony found lobster washed up knee high in two-foot piles on the beach. Because of the abundance of Lobster, it was thought of as trash food fit for only servants, prisoners and the poor.  Forced lobster consumption was so great among servants that after time the servants revolted, and contracts were made that stated that the servants could only be fed Lobster no more than three times per week.

So, how did the lobster move up from trash food to the delicacy it is known for today?  During the 1800s, East coast canneries perfected the art of canning cheap lobster for long distance transport. When the railroads started moving inland, the transportation managers realized that inland customers not originally exposed to lobster viewed the canned crustacean as a new, rare and exotic meal. People traveling on trains started asking for Lobster at their final destinations.  As a result, a new demand was created for the marine dweller.

Microsoft’s Business Central rise to fame is much like the lobsters.  Having roots in the Danish Navision product line, Navision was frequently considered the “red headed stepchild” by organizations in the USA searching for new ERP systems: they did not know quite what to make of it. Things only got worse after Microsoft purchased Navison and later rebranded the product as “Project Madiera”.  There were several years when Microsoft did not know what they were serving to their customers, or even who their customers were.

Fortunately, the situation has now dramatically changed.  My recent experiences at Directions 2019 tells me that Microsoft is faithfully following a master plan and is firmly committed to branding Business Central as the ERP delicacy that it so rightfully deserves to be.

Where else can you get an ERP system integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform?  All running on either a SaaS or on-premises platforms. Both platforms using the same code set.  Combine this combo offering with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform and you have got yourself a fine dining experience.

The Microsoft lobster dinner, Business Central has been prepared and is being served with all the side dishes.  Enjoy.

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