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Business Central April 2019–Upgrade or Die?


Microsoft at the Directions: North America 2019 Conferenced announced the “sunsetting” of traditional Dynamics NAV / BC C/AL code customizations with the April 2019 On-Premises Release, you can read more about the announce here:


In a nutshell, the April 2019 Release (BC14) is the last release that will include the Windows Client, C/Side Development Environment and code customizations with the C/AL language.  Starting with the October 2019 Release, the base BC application itself will be implemented as an Extension written in the AL language and will only be customizable with Extensions written in the AL language.

Before a full on panic attack sets in 😉 , Microsoft is throwing the Channel a bone by allowing for the purchase / transition to the April 2019 Release until October 2020. That’s better, BUT still means there are only 16 months from time of writing to procure an April 2019 license. As most will probably know, transitioning licenses will cause older versions to become locked to any further changes and/or additions (i.e. new granules, objects or users) and thus forcing an upgrade to be fast tracked if the customer needs licensing changes.

ABS’s position is to recommend ALL customers running Dynamics NAV versions older than 2017 to start planning for an upgrade NOW! Why? Because, users running older versions cannot convert their C/AL code customizations to Extensions with their old version, thus requiring an upgrade to a version that can support their conversion Extensions. By upgrading to BC14 in the next 1 1/2 to 2 years will allow for an in-place, traditional upgrade first. Then once stable running the upgraded C/AL code customizations in BC14, they can work on the conversion of the legacy code customizations to AL Extensions.

If you wait and miss the BC14 boat, you will be forced to not only perform a normal upgrade and all the issues to tackle with that, you also have to go directly to Extensions and thus have what could be a major testing headache. You would be testing multiple failure points and have a more difficult time determining the cause of an issue, is the issue because of the upgrade or the conversion to Extensions or some combination thereof? Not fun!

Bottom line – UPGRADE NOW!

Don Domzalski

Architecting and developing software solutions in both in-house and consulting roles for over 25 years. For the past 15 years, has specialized in formulating solutions that integrate and enhance the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP & NAV utilizing the full Microsoft .Net stack.

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