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Business Central and Excel

A lot of office workers have been working with Excel for many years, and like the flexibility of it. Microsoft Dynamics offers many different ways of using Excel in combination with your Business Central environment. Not only for reporting purposes, but also for importing data, copy-pasting data directly into BC, and even editing your data directly in Excel and publish it to BC.

If you love Excel, you will love using Business Central! The following illustration shows the 3 main concepts of using Excel with BC:


  1. Open in Excel: send the BC page to Excel for further analysis. This is one way only, and is available on every list view page in BC.
  2. Edit in Excel: like option 1 this creates an Excel file with the data on the BC page. In addition to that, you are now able to make changes to the data in Excel and send it back to BC. On our eLearning portal you can find a training video on how to use this, based on the customer master data as an example.
  3. Refresh: the file that was created in the previous bullet can be saved with it’s link to the data source in BC, so it can be used to refresh the data at any point in time.

Other options to work seamlessly with BC and Excel, include the following which are all variations on the 3 options illustrated above:

  • Default Excel reports directly from your role center
  • Copy and Paste from BC to Excel and back (ideal for journals)
  • Budgeting in Excel
  • Financial reporting and consolidating in Excel
  • Create query in BC using Web services
  • Querying your BC data from within Excel using ‘Get Data From Odata feed’

 If you have any questions regarding any of these options, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Also I would love to hear some of your experiences with using Excel and BC.

Theo Kersten

10 years project management experience, helping companies implement technology solutions.

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