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Check Magic is an all-in-one MICR check printing and electronic signature app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV 2018.

Standard reports in Business Central are unable to support MICR fonts*. As a result, without an add-on, it's impossible to print MICR encoded checks directly from Business Central.

We've designed the Check Magic app to give you the ability to print MICR encoded checks directly from NAV and Business Central and streamline your electronic signature process.


Print MICR Checks Directly From Business Central / NAV

*What is MICR? It stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition technology and is used by banks to "read" information off of paper checks. On a check, you'll see the MICR line at the bottom: it's the row of numbers and characters that identify the account the check draws upon.

Check Magic lets you work with MICR in Business Central and NAV 2018. It works with both preprinted and blank check stock with support for three-part check formats (check/stub/stub, stub/check/stub, etc.). You'll have extended check stub capability if the overflow condition exists.

Save money and valuable storage space by using blank check stock for multiple companies. Don't waste checks by printing extended check stubs printed on plain paper instead of check stock.

Increase Productivity, Improve Security with Signature Controls

Check Magic allows you to set dollar thresholds for automatic signing.

For example, you can choose to automatically sign any check under $6,000 and require manual approval for any amount above that number.

This auto-sign feature for Business Central and NAV 2018 users can save you valuable time.

Additionally, the Check Magic app also enables you to exclude specific vendors from auto-signing their check.

Quick Implementation, Affordable Pricing

It typically takes less than a day to fully implement the Check Magic add-on within your Business Central or NAV 2018 platform. It's available as an affordable monthly subscription.

Reach out to our team if you'd like to learn more about our MICR check printing and electronic signature app for Business Central and NAV 2018!



If you're interested in learning more about ABS's Check Magic app for Business Central and NAV 2018, check out these resources:

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