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Crimson Transaction Technologies

There are many companies in the market that require POS functionality in their retail locations but that require full ERP functionality as well. These companies may be manufacturers that also have retail locations that sell their product, they may be oil field service companies that also have supply stores or they may also be entities that have a number of retail outlets and that need consolidated financials. In each of these examples these companies need the particular functionality that a comprehensive and streamline POS will bring combined with the full featured enterprise management capability of ERP.


Ten years ago the answer to this dilemma was to implement a POS add-on that was fully integrated into the code base of NAV. This was due to the rather limited integration capability in the NAV product at that time and the general desire to have all functionality contained within a single system, namely Dynamics NAV. Today the NAV product has tremendous capability to integrate with “Best of Breed” solutions. By integrating with “Best of Breed” solutions instead of merging everything to a single code base the ability to upgrade NAV and to apply the continually released product updates is simplified. Customers are able to adopt the newer emerging technology that helps them stay competitive faster.


Crimson Transaction Technologies was founded in 1998 to provide an easy to use, comprehensive POS system to industry. The Crimson Software has been integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and has several instances working in the marketplace. Please review the capabilities of Crimson and let us know what questions you may have.

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