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The Advanced Business Systems team chose award-winning Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP for our customers and has implemented and supported the software for over 20 years. It is that prized experience that allows us to hit the ground running and not have to start at ground zero.

We created NAV QuickStart to help you become productive on your NAV system quickly. Our pre-built templates and baseline functionality accelerates the implementation process, so you don’t have to wait for months to feel the effects of next-gen technology.

QuickStart provides our customers with a starting point one lap from the finish line. NAV QuickStart Customers run the race faster and are less winded, so they finish on top and ahead of their competition.

NAV QuickStart Includes:

Standard import templates are provided for importing Master data and G/L Historical data.

Streamlined and trouble-free Security Setup.

System Setup and configuration already initialized. We will tweak as necessary for your particular company.

Improved forms and reporting: including professional-looking Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Memo and Purchase Orders.

The following add-ons are initialized in your new system: Jet Express, NAV Easy Security Light, Zetadocs Express.

 Enhanced AP Check:

All 3 formats: check-stub-stub, stub-check-stub, stub-stub-check.

Extended Check Stub functionality for printing over 9 checks.

MICR Encoding.

Note the New Check Memo field in the Payment Journal. Verbiage entered is printed on the Check, Stub, and posted to the Check Ledger Entry.

Disable Delete Document Ability:

Users delete posted Purchase and Sales Documents after posting as long as they have been printed. ABS disables this feature to prevent a posted Sales or Purchase Document from being deleted.

Source Name in G/L Entries:

Add Source Name to display either Vendor Name or Customer Name that is associated with the transaction.

Zip Codes Table Populated and Updated:

Seamlessly track non-financial data in their G/L; include occupancy rates, amount of product sold in pounds or units, for instance, employee counts, etc. for Financial Statements.

Disable Delete Document Ability:

ABS will initialize the customer's database with all current Zip Codes. ABS also provides an optional service to update the Zip Code table with changes when new updates are provided by the Zip Code Update service.


(The cost of this optional service is $50 per month which will be billed in 6-month increments.)

Section 179 Fixed Assets Reporting:

Automation for Fixed Assets Section 179 deduction by pulling all Fixed Assets acquired in a calendar year into the FA Journal batch, allowing you to manipulate the write-down entries in the journal and not go over the specified 179 limit.

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