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ABS understands the current challenges facing Oil Field Services organizations, such as the continuous hunt for improved organizational efficiency and recognized excellence in customer service. Today, quality of service may be the only difference between you and several other organizations out there. Oil Field Service Company culture is now a major player in determining an organizations success. Part of company culture is the technology that you provide your employees in order to service your customers accurately and efficiently. Are you still handwriting delivery tickets? Are your employees slow in turning in the signed delivery ticket from the field? How does that affect your cash flow?


Oil and Gas practices must automate to increase labor efficiency, outsource non-critical operations and improve partner integration. ABS knows the specific regulatory and accounting needs facing operators and non-operators equally, and has the proven and practiced methodology to implement solutions that address them.


ABS offers QuickStart Solutions for Oil Field Service, that deliver complete and total visibility of operations at any time, from any location.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Oil Field Services Key Benefits:

NAV is the complete solution for Oil Field Services. Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides remote employees with web based time entry and materials tracking. Payroll is made on time, without the complexity of correcting entries and adjusted paychecks.

Account for more!  Equipment is tracked in real time, so assets can be routed to locations, as they are needed. All without a bit of paper!

Do more! No more time-consuming, manual entry for multiple teams is needed. With NAV Oil Field Service organizations experience enriched functionality and enhanced reporting capabilities improve productivity and cut overhead costs.

Provide more!  NAV streamlines operations for the oil field service sector allowing improved insight into time use and performance and virtually eliminates ballooning equipment costs, due to missing assets.

Learn more!   Always know the actual availability or condition of equipment as well as enjoy increase real-time insight into business performance. Implementing a fully integrated service solution through Microsoft Dynamics allows service techs to use tablets in the field to record service work, materials consumption, and update equipment/warranty information. Invoicing is initiated the minute the service call is complete to accelerate cash flow. Service truck inventories can be refreshed daily using consumption and work order data.

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