1099 processing, reporting, and correction in NAV

If you have 1099 vendors, here is how to setup, process, report and make corrections related to 1099 in NAV


Go to your vendor card(s) and fill in the IRS 1099 Code for the vendor on the Payments fast tab.

If you want to see what the Minimum reporting threshold for the code you are choosing, Select Advanced.

If you need to update a codes Minimum reporting amount, select Edit List from Home tab on the ribbon at the top and change the amount.


When you enter transactions for the vendor, the IRS 1099 Code will fill in on the header on the Invoicing tab. You may override the IRS 1099 Code in the header if the invoice for the vendor does not relate to the 1099.

In the lines section, make sure you have the IRS 1099 Liable field displayed. If it is not displayed, right click on the label line showing the field names and Select Show Column. Click on the fields and click Add and then click OK. The screen will refresh.

The lines you enter will have this field flagged by default if there is an IRS 1099 code in the header.

If the line you are entering is not 1099 liable (reimbursed expenses), you should unflag the IRS 1099 liable field.

When you post the transaction, if you go to the Vendor list view and select a vendor, you can click on 1099 Statistics

This will display the 1099 summary for the vendor.

You can also go to the vendor card and click on 1099 Statistics from the Navigate ribbon.

To see the detail select Ledger Entries from the ribbon to see the specific Vendor Ledger Entries with their IRS 1099 Code and IRS 1099 Amount.


If for instance for Invoice 108028, a transaction should have been a 1099 invoice, you may click in the IRS 1099 Code and IRS 1099 Amount fields and make corrections.

Here the first line which did not have 1099 information is updated.


There are a couple of ways you can verify your 1099 amounts.

1. Run the Vendor- Detail Trial Balance report

Here is an example of the parameters:

You will likely need to click on Add filter under the Vendor tab and add IRS 1099 Code and enter your filters.

2. Vendor Account Detail report

The output looks like this:

3. Run the 1099 reports found under Financial Management>Payables>Documents. (This is what you print on your pre-printed forms to send to your vendors. The documents will display ONLY if the 1099 related payments in the year are at or above the threshold for the 1099 code and the payments have been applied to the invoices

When entering payments, make sure you set the ‘Document Type’ to Payment or the 1099 report won’t pick it up.

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