A Technical Recipe for Saving Time: Desktop Shortcut for NAV Classic Client

But did you know that instead of:

  1. starting Dynamics NAV client

  2. clicking File – Database – Open

  3. selecting the right server and database and connect

  4. File – Company – Open

  5. select the right company

  6. You can create shortcuts on your desktop with the different connections?

Here is how that works:

  1. Create a NAV shortcut (using the finsql.exe from your Dynamics NAV client folder, or copy-paste the existing NAV shortcut on your desktop)

  2. Right click the new shortcut and open the properties

  3. In the ‘Shortcut’ tab, select the ‘Target’ field

  4. Right next to “finsql.exe” key in the details for your connection like for example:”C:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics NAV60Classicfinsql.exe” SERVERNAME=SERV01, DATABASE=NAVDB, COMPANY=CRONUS USA, NTAUTHENTICATION=1

NTAUTHENTICATION=1 means that the shortcut will use my Windows Login to connect to the database.

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