A Technical Recipe for Saving Time: Shortcuts for Dynamics NAV 2015

Unlike the Classic Client, the 2015 Windows Client for NAV communicates with the Dynamics NAV Server which in turn communicates with the Microsoft SQL Server.  The 2015 Windows Client is truly only concerned with connection information as it pertains to the Dynamics NAV Server (where the SQL Server, Database Name, and relevant Port information is configured)

I am going to show you how we can create shortcuts to Open the Dynamics NAV 2015 Client for a specific Company, a specific Page, or a specific Report.  The systems has some features that will make this very quick and easy for all users.

The syntax that we will be leveraging is as follows:


For my example, the URL looks like this:


My Server Name is: abs-dev-nav2015.absn.com (this is my server FQDN)

My Service Instance is: NAV2015QuickStart (which controls the SQL Server, Database Name, and Ports)

My Company Name is: ABS Testing (please note that encoding is required for special characters – in this case a <space> is utilized within my Company Name)

To create a desktop shortcut you will:

Right-Click on your Desktop

Select New –> Shortcut

The Create Shortcut Wizard will open:

We will then insert our URL from above: 


Then click Next.

You will then enter the Name for your shortcut:

When you click Finish, the Shortcut will be added to your Desktop:

Dynamics NAV 2015 will automatically generate URL addresses for the Pages and Reports that you can access from within the Windows Client.  We will now discuss obtaining these URL addresses for the use in our Shortcuts.

From within the Dynamics NAV Client, I will navigate to my Customer List page.

If you then display the Help –> About this Page window:

You can then expand the URLs fast tab:

The URL listed for the Windows client is the value that would be assigned within your Shortcut to automatically open Dynamics NAV 2015, my ABS Test company and the Customer List page.

The full URL in this example is:


The same can be done with Dynamics NAV 2015 Reports:

Here is an example of a URL to access the Aged Accounts Receivable Report:


There are many more possibilities with the Dynamics NAV 2015 URL capabilities (such as creating bookmarks within your internet browser that will launch NAV – the URL structure is the same) – I hope these tips wet your appetite for learning more about NAV’s amazing features!

We are all hungry to save time. Check back with us soon for more useful tips and tricks!

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