A Technical Recipe for Success: Do You Have Reservations?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has Item Reservation functionality that was designed to assist clients with allocating their inventory and future receipts to specific clients’ sales orders.  With this functionality, the Customer Service Representative has the ability to reserve inventory on a Sales order from current stock, from an Inbound Receipt, whether it is a Transfer Receipt or a Purchase Receipt, or a Firm Planned Production Order Line.  Note! When reserving from an Inbound Receipt or Firm Planned Production Order Line, the Expected Receipt date on the documents’ line must be earlier than the Shipment date on the Sales Order line.

To Reserve Inventory go to the Sales Line, then click Functions>Reserve and the following page will open. Put your cursor on the line you would like to reserve against and click Reserve from Current Line. The system will take the base quantity on the sales line and reserve up to the Total Available Quantity.

If for any reason you need to cancel an Item reservation from a Sales Order Line, with your cursor on the line you wish to cancel, click Functions>Cancel Reservation.  Confirm that you want to cancel the reservation.  If there are multiple reservation entries for the Sales Line, you will need to cancel the reservation on EACH line.

To view the reservations from the Sales Line, click Line>Reservation Entries.  You also have an available column in the Sales line called “Reserved Quantity” that can be displayed.  If you click your cursor in the field, it will drill down to show you the list of reservation entries.

You can also review the Reservation quantities from the Item.  Click on the Navigate tab in the ribbon and go to Entries>Reservation Entries.

This will show all of the Reservation Entries that are currently reserved on this Item.

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