An ounce of prevention story- tracking in NAV to identify fraud

The other day, we received a call from a customer who suspected someone at their company had used a company credit card for personal transactions and that the company paid the bill. They suspected the user  had logged in recently to make changes.  They wanted to know if we could tell them when the last time the user was logged into the system . We weren’t able to tell provide an answer. It wasn’t because Dynamics NAV doesn’t have the tool, it was because the customer didn’t have it turned on. This feature is called Time Register.

Here’s how to turn it on:

Go to Departments>Financial Management>Setup and check the ‘Register Time’ box.

Go to Departments>Administration>Application Setup>Users>User Setup. Make sure you have a record for each employee. Click on the ‘Register Time’ field to insert a checkmark. Click OK.

Here’s how to review the data:

Go to Departments>Administration>Application Setup>Users>Time Registers to see when users logged in and how long they were logged in for.

This not only shows you that the user logged in but on what date and for how long.

*Remember that this must be setup in each company in your database.

We also suggested that we could see if the user had made any changes using the ‘Change Log’ tool. When turned on, it’s another tool that can help you identify fraud. This tool tracks insertions, deletions, and modifications of specific company sensitive tables for all of some of the fields in tables in NAV. It will tell you who inserted a record and when, what the original and new values are in a field if the user updates a line and who deletes a transaction and when. They didn’t have Change Log turned on either.

The information that NAV could have provided was unavailable to assist in determining if any funny business was going on with the employee. An ounce of prevention could have provided the information. Don’t let this be you.

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