Dynamics 365 Business Central: Give the Customers a Lobster Dining Experience

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, much like the lobster, could be considered one of the most remarkable rebrandings in product history.

It’s a bold claim, I know, but hear me out.

Microsoft took Business Central from zero to hero and rebranded the ERP solution to better fit into the era of digital transformation. What once was looked upon with skepticism is now revered for its functionalities and capabilities. Just like the lobster, all it took was calculation and a new audience.

Let’s start with the lobster. This crustacean wasn’t always a delicacy. It’s status, mind the pun, was an acquired taste. Early settlers in the Massachusetts Bay colony found washed-up lobsters literally piled on the beach. Because of its abundance and reputation as a bottom feeder, it was regarded as commonplace food fit only for servants, prisoners, and the lower class.

So, how did the lobster end up a high-priced treat at five-star restaurants? As businesses perfected the art of canning lobster for long distance transport, the food was able to be exported inland by train. Transportation managers quickly realized that anyone not living on the water viewed the canned crustacean as a new, rare, and exotic meal. As a result, a new demand was created for the marine dweller.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Clawing its Way to the Top

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s rise to fame is much like the lobster’s. Business Central has roots in the Danish “Navision” ERP product line. Early on, Navision was considered the “red-headed software stepchild” by American organizations searching for new ERP systems. They didn’t know what to make of it, just that it was different than what they were used to.

When Microsoft acquired Navision and rebranded it as “Project Madeira,” things only got worse.

For several years, Microsoft didn’t fully comprehend what they were serving to their customers, (or even who their customers were).

Fortunately, and dramatically, the situation has shifted. Microsoft threw 100 percent of its efforts behind Business Central, and Navision-turned-Madeira-turned-Business-Central hit its stride.

Directions 2019: the Business Central Special

My recent experiences at Directions 2019 (an event for Dynamics Partners servicing the SMB market) tells me that Microsoft is faithfully following a master plan. What’s more, Microsoft is firmly committed to branding Business Central as the ERP delicacy that it so rightfully deserves to be.

Where else can you get an ERP system that so seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform? (All while running on either a SaaS or on-premises platform, as both platforms using the same code set). Combine this offering with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, and you’ve got yourself a fine dining experience.

The Microsoft lobster dinner is Business Central, and it’s being served with all of the best side dishes the ERP menu has to offer. If you’re looking to order Business Central, we’re here to help! Bon appetit.

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