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Access to scanned paper and electronic files anywhere, anytime, from any device by any user, in any department, and involving all business process in one system would streamline your process times. For Sure! Automation eliminates waste and in turn saves you time and money, which leads to the end goal of almost all businesses…. greater profitability. This is possible within Microsoft Dynamics NAV when KwikTag is implemented. KwikTag extends access to a web browser — so even your non-NAV users can get the information they need, wherever they need it. Beyond document capture, KwikTag for NAV offers powerful workflow for automating any document-driven business process.

What I truly love about KWIKTAG is that it is embedded right inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV. KWIKTAG allows for implementation savings to start from document processing in as little as 5 days. Bringing true efficiency to Microsoft Dynamics NAV with document routing and approval processes in record speed.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we work with add-ons which enhance the performance of Dynamics NAV. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel, when great powerful tools already exist.

Join us to learn how paper documents and manual processes cause your organization to lose focus and discover how you can fight back with KwikTag for Dynamics!  

KwikTag for Dynamics

  1. Save Time

  2. Save Money

  3. Improve Processes and Service

Top features of KwikTag for Dynamics:

  1. Support for more than 35 standard  forms as well as custom forms or fields

  2. Easy aggregation and routing of documents for payables transactions

  3. Reliable NAV – or web-based access to scanned or digital documents through Dynamics forms

  4. Ability of BOTH ERP and non-ERP users to quickly view all documents for a department

  5. Quicker data entry with automatic paper and e-docs capture

  6. Simple global search functionality based on keywords or related data

Download the brochure to learn more about the platform’s features prior to our webinar on Thursday, August 13th at 11:00am CST.

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