Cortana Intelligence powers Sales and Inventory Forecasting Extension in Dynamics 365 Financials / P

The “Sales and Inventory Forecast” Extension for Project “Madeira” showcases how a Cortana Intelligence API can be used to predict future Sales and Inventory Levels in the upcoming ERP cloud solution. If you have not previously installed an Extension to Project “Madeira” you will be surprised how seamless the experience is – I encourage you to give it a try!

  1. Login to Project “Madeira”. If you have not yet signed up for the public preview, click here to create a login. Once you have registered, you can sign in from the O365 Apps page.

  2. Open the Extension Marketplace and locate the “Sales and Inventory Forecast” Extension.

  1. Click “Get” on the Extension in the App Store and confirm to install, select your language and wait a couple of seconds until you see the “Install successful” confirmation.

  2. Open the Item List Page and click on the new “Forecast” factbox.

  1. Click Setup. The link to the API is pre-configured and a few parameters for the calculation can the set by the user.

  2. The Forecast update can be scheduled and run automatically via Job Queue.

  3. Once installed there may be too little data to come up with a result. In that case, purchase and sell a couple of items at different Posting Dates and the factbox will update and display Inventory and Sales over Time giving you an idea of how the stock level may develop in the future.

  1. In the Project “Madeira” preview, a Purchase Invoice can be created with one click from the forecast factbox.

Click here for more information on the Sales and Inventory Forecast Extension and Project “Madeira”.

Find out more about the Cortana Intelligence Suite here.

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