Creating a new user in NAV 2016 using Windows Authentication

The purpose of this document is to outline the steps necessary to create a new user in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. Before following the steps below, please ensure the user you want to add to Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been setup in the Active Directory.

1. In NAV 2016, use the Search Box to navigate to Users then click the related link

2. In the Users window, click New

3. In the User Card, populate the following fields

a. Username

b. Full Name

c. License Type – Full User (other options include: Limited User, Device Only User, Windows Group and External User

d. State – Specify if the user’s access is enabled or disabled

4. On the Windows Authentication FastTab, type in the name of a valid Active Directory user in the Windows User Name field using the format domain\username.

a. You can also click the Assist Edit button, enter the user’s name then click Check Name to verify the username in the Active Directory.

5. Open the User Permissions Set FastTab and define the permission sets for the user.

a. If there is more than one company in your database, you can type or select a company in the Company field to restrict these permissions to that specific company. If you leave this field blank, the user will have the relevant permissions for all of the companies within the entire database.

6. Click OK to close the User Card.

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