Creating Charts on List Pages in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has over the years grown in functionality and usability. While most features are easily accessible some are somewhat hidden or, if used unintentionally, outright confusing to some users. One of those features is the Chart functionality on List pages. If used right it is a great tool to provide a quick visual summary of the data.

How many of you have received calls from clients that could not find their List pages and thought they were rendered dysfunctional? While the solution is to click “Show as List” in the Action Pane to revert back to the original list page, a chart allows a quick glance at the data from a different perspective. While it is not always meaningful to show data that way, you can use this feature for a quick visual, especially if the source table has flow fields, e.g. on quantities, dollar values, etc.

Here’s an example of a simple chart to display the On Hand Quantity of all items starting with 19* in the Cronus database. The view is then modified with a flow filter (date range) and saved to the Navigation Pane:

  1. Open the Item List page and click “Show as Chart”.

  1. You will see a blank chart page with drop down fields to select the Dimensions and Measures.

  1. Select the Dimension “No.” and the Measure “Quantity on Hand”; apply other filters as necessary (e.g. only Items starting with 19*).

  1. Add “Limit Totals” if applicable (e.g. filter on data range).

  1. Right-click on the chart to change the type of chart, add data or labels, etc.

  2. Want to save a view? Click the Advanced Filter, set your desired criteria and click “Save View”. Click “Save View As” to create a new link.

  1. Enter Location on the Navigation Pane and click OK, then restart client. The view will be saved including any filters and changes to the chart layout.

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