Credit Management and AR notes keeping in Dynamics NAV

Although there aren’t any NAV reports that will print any of the comments or notes that users enter on the customer or on outstanding entries, Dynamics NAV has a few nice options for tracking your follow up on outstanding accounts receivable:

Credit Management

Search for the Credit Management option in the NAV search box

The next page has an example of that page with the recommended settings and how to us it:

1-      Set a filter on Balance Due to only list the customers that have an outstanding balance

2-      Save this filtered view, so it creates a shortcut in the users’ NAV navigation pane

3-      Use the Comments button for entering notes on the customer. The user can move the Comments button to the first tab, so they don’t have to switch to the Navigate tab in the ribbon.

4-      The comments and its history will show in this fact box. To allow for maximum display of the comment lines, recommend making the fact box panel wider. Comments are read-only in this fact box, they must be entered using the button as explained in 3.

5-      Use the Customer No. in the Customer Statistics fact box for reviewing all fields on the customer card

6-      Use the amounts in the Aging fact box for drilling in to the details of the outstanding entries. If you want to maintain notes on the outstanding entries (see next section), don’t use the amounts in the Credit Information section, because that will take you to the Detailed Customer Ledger entries, which don’t allow for comments entry.

Outstanding entries’ Notes

7- When drilling down in to the customer’s outstanding entries, using the amounts in the Aging section, as described in bullet 6 in the previous section, you can add new notes here:

The user may need to add the Notes section to the fact-boxes for the above page (it is not here by default).

8- Please note, that when using the Show Posted Document button, for reviewing the details of the invoice, this has another Notes section in the fact-box area, but these will NOT display the same notes as in the list page as in the example above. This is a separate set of notes.

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