Customize your Ribbon in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

You can customize your ribbon in NAV to optimize your work processes and preferences. In order to do your job more efficiently, you can customize your ribbon in NAV to show only the Actions you prefer to see and use.   You can also remove Actions that you never use for a better overview.

To customize the ribbon in NAV, open the Customize Ribbon window from any page that has a ribbon. You can open the Customize Ribbon window, by right clicking your mouse in the ribbon then selecting the option ‘Customize Ribbon’.

Locate the Action that you want to add from the screen on the left called ‘Available Actions’. Click on the Available Action then click on the right side of the screen called ‘Show Actions in this Order’. Once you select the Action and the order you want it to show in, click the Add>> button to move the Action item over.   For example, I selected the ‘New’ Action from the available actions then clicked in the Home – Manage box to show the actions in this order. After you click Add select OK to save your changes.

If you want to see the Action you added displayed in a specific order, highlighted the Action and click ‘Move Up’ so it will appear as the first action available. In my example, I moved up the ‘New’ action in the Manage box, as shown in the screenshot below.

You can add, remove and organize the personal actions that you want to be displayed on the ribbon by following the steps listed above.

If you would like to update ribbons and menu items for all users using the same profile, please contact our support department at to learn more about Profile Updates.

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