Dynamic NAV Entering Dates and Date Formulas

Are you confused about what to enter on the Date Formula fields to get Dynamics NAV to calculate the date you intend?

Many fields throughout Dynamics NAV are used to enter dates or date formulas to calculate dates. In order to allow for quick entry and to assist you with the use of date formulas to calculate dates, this blog consolidates the tips and tricks for dates into a single blog.

Here are the building blocksKeystrokeEntersWWork DateT TodayMMondayTuTuesdayWeWednesdayThThursdayFFridaySaSaturdaySuSundayCCurrentDDay(s)WWeek(s)MMonth(s)QQuarter(s)PPeriod(s)YYears(s)

Fast Entry of Dates

Give your fingers a rest and save yourself time by learning the fast way to enter dates.

  1. It takes 6 keystrokes to enter 072015 into the date into a date field in Dyamics NAV if you don’t include the / in the date.

  2. It takes 8 keystrokes to enter 07/20/15.

  3. It takes 8 keystrokes to enter 07202015.

  4. If you are entering the full year of the date, 07/20/2015 it takes ten.

Did you know you can enter only the month and day as 0706 and Dynamics NAV will populate the field with 0706YY where YY is the current year?

Did you know you can enter only the day as 10 and NAV will enter XX/10/YY where XX is the current month and YY is the current year?

You can! Just knowing this can save you time and stress on the muscles in your fingers and forearms.

Date Formulas

Date formulas are used to tell Dynamics NAV how to calculate a date. Unless you are using very simple formulas, it can be difficult to know what to enter for Dynamics NAV to give you the date you intended.

Fields where you would use a Date Formula include fields like:

  1. Payment Terms Due Date and Discount Date Calculation

  2. Payment Tolerance Grade Period

  3. Reminder Grace Period in Reminders

  4. Lead Time

  5. Recurring Journals Recurring Frequency

  6. Account Schedule Column Layout

  7. To-do Date Calculation

  8. Finance Charge Terms Grace Period and Due Date Calculation

  9. Warehouse Inbound and Outbound Warehouse Handling Time

  10. Item and SKU Lead Time Calculation

  11. Item Safety Lead Time

  12. Item Re-Order Cycle

  13. Item Expiration Calculation

  14. Vendor Lead Time Calculation

NOTE: You can use up to 20 characters (letters and numbers) to construct your date formula.

NOTE: A week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday in Dynamics NAV.

NOTE: You can use a minus sign to indicate a date in the past.

Dynamics NAV has multiple options for entering date formulas:

  1.  Current plus a time unit.

            Examples: CW (Current Week, Sunday since it will choose the last day of the week),

CM (Current Month, the last day of the current month)

  1. A number and a time unit.

           Examples: 10D (Ten days), 2W (Two Weeks)

3.   A time unit and a number.

Examples: D10 (Day 10), W2 (Week 2, Sunday since it will choose the last day of the week)

You can combine 1-3 as needed.

          Example: CM+10D-Current month + 10 days (Ten days from the last day of the month)Keystroke          Indicates-1Y     1 Year ago from todayCY-2Y+1DFirst Day of last fiscal yearCY-1YLast Day of last fiscal yearWD4The next 4th day of a week (Thursday)CM+10DCurrent Month +10D10D10 Days from today2W2 weeks from todayD10The next 10th day of the monthCWLast date of the current week (Sunday)CMLast day of the current monthCQLast day of the current quarterCYLast day of the current yearD19+1M1 Month after the next 10th of the month1M-10D10 Days less than a month after the dateCM+1D1st of the following monthCM+1MLast date of the current month plus one monthCM+D10+45D45 days after the next 10th of the month1M+CMLast date of the following monthCW+4D


CW+WD4Current week plus day 4 which is Thursday of next weekCW+2D+1WOne week from next TuesdayCW-2DFriday of this weekD10+WD2Tuesday after the next 10th of the monthWD1+4WMonday 4 weeks after the next Monday

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