Dynamics NAV 2016 Easy Entry based on the field you know

Don’t know the Item numbers, G/L Account Numbers Vendor, Customer, Resource numbers when you are making entries into NAV?  You don’t have to!

The numbers may not mean anything to you, you only know the Description or some other field. Dynamics NAV lets you search based on the field you want for easy entry of data.

For instance, you want to create a new Purchase Order and you know the Vendor Name but not the Vendor Number.

Click on the drop down for Buy-from Vendor and select ‘Name’ in the header label row. This will move the little filter icon (circled) over to the Name field so it will search for the Vendor you enter based on the Name of the Vendor. Start typing and it will show you the vendors starting with ‘Cool.’ Make a selection.

Let’s take this down to entering the Purchase lines.

Don’t know the G/L Account Name but know what the Description is? Enter ‘Type’ as G/L Account and then click on the drop down arrow for No… Click on the header label row where it says ‘Name’ and the little filter icon will show next to it. Start typing the name and NAV will return you a list or the selection based on how much you type in. Select and go!

Entering an Item on the line? Enter Type as Item and then click on the drop down. Click on Description and the filter icon will move over to Description. Start typing what you are looking for. NAV will give you a list that meets the criteria. Make a selection.

The same concept can be used in several other places in the program. Shown above is the Purchase Order but this is useful on the Sales side as well.

Here we are using it in a General Journal Entry (below). You could just as easily use the same concept in the Sales or Purchase or Cash Receipts Journal for Customer or Vendor.

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