Dynamics NAV 2016 – It’s Cloudy & there is definitely a silver lining!

With each major release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we’ve come to expect more features.  This year’s release does not appear as though it will disappoint.  Living in the always connected, always talking about the next version (phones, cars, cameras) world that we do, I present a few highlights from Dynamics NAV 2016:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Azure – Dynamics NAV was at the very beginning for Microsoft Azure and the Dynamics ERP suite.  With NAV 2016 we are moving further into the cloud.  Dynamics NAV is a front-running application for Microsoft as it pertains to the Azure offering.  The migration to the cloud began years ago but as companies are now hitting their hardware refresh cycles, reinvesting in new hardware that will only once again become extinct is not appealing.  A cloud based solution provides the accessibility, high availabilty and a manageable recurring cost model to allow your organization to remain at the top of your game without becoming an IT company.

Office 365 – If you haven’t looked into Office 365, you should.  ERP aside, Office 365 is a compelling offering from Microsoft for Business and Personal users alike.  With NAV 2016 we will see an even greater experience with the Office 365 integrations and the native integrations with Power BI should get your propellers spinning!

Windows – With Dynamics NAV 2015 we gained the tablet client.  With NAV 2016 we are getting a Phone client!  These days we are rarely more than an arms length away from our phones, now you are only an arms length away from you critical business data.

e-Everything – Electronic Invoicing is coming to Dynamics NAV 2016 as is OCR (Optical Character Recognition).  We have had 3rd Party solutions for these in the past but they will soon be native!

Dynamics CRM Online – Native integrations with CRM Online coming in NAV 2016.

Workflow to enable process automation (all while remaining flexible with the NAV C/AL development capabilities we’ve come to love).

Posting Previews, Deferrals, and Positive Pay (if you aren’t using positive pay, you should be).

What is Positive Pay?  

  1. It is a fraud detection method that banks will employ to prevent check fraud.  Essentially the Account Number, Check Number and Dollar Amount of each issued check is provided to the banks BEFORE the check is presented by the Payee.

  2. If the presented checks do not match as above, they are not paid.

If you are running an older version of Dynamics NAV and are still interested in Positive Pay, let us know as we have developed the necessary functionality for multiple versions of Dynamics NAV and can help you.

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