Dynamics NAV 2016 Using RapidStart- Data migration import General Journal Lines

We’re going to step through a simple example of setting up and importing General Journal Lines using RapidStart in Dynamics NAV

First we need to setup the import file.

Go to Departments > Administration > Application Setup > RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV > Configuration Packages.

Select and existing package or click on New.

In the Tables tab, enter the Table ID. Here, we have added Table 81, Gen. Journal Line

Select a line and click on Tables and then Fields.

Select ‘Include Field’ for each field you want included in the file. If the field is part of the primary key, NAV will not let you uncheck this field and you must provide the data.

Leave the settings at Validate field=Yes. When this field is checked, NAV will make sure you are importing valid data. For example, on the Journal Template Name field, NAV will make sure the value already exists in NAV.

Click OK.

Click on Excel>Export to Excel

When you see this message, click Yes.

Click on Save

Navigate to the location you want to save the file and click Save. You may change the filename to whatever you want to call it.

Click on OK.

Open the Excel file and enter/paste the data into the correct fields. DO NOT change the order of the fields or add additional information in other columns not part of the export.

Populate the Journal Template Name, Line No.s (incrementing by 10,000) and Journal Batch Name and save the file as your template. Then when you want to use the template, you only have to paste/enter the Account Type, Posting Date, Document No., Amount, and Shortcut Dimension Code.

Save the file.

Then in the Configuration Package in NAV, click on Excel> Import from Excel.

Select the File Name and click Open.

You will see the records from your import file.

Select the records you want to import and select Apply Data in the ribbon. If any of the records cannot be processed, the Invalid flag will show as Yes. You can click on Show Error to determine why a record could not import. Correct the data in the record and then click on Apply Data again.

If the lines had no issues, they will disappear from the screen.

Go the the General Journal Batch you specified and the records will be there. Post the batch.

You can import into more than one Journal Batch with one import file. Just be sure that the Line No. increments by 10,000 for each individual batch.

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