Dynamics NAV 2017 Smart Notifications

Microsoft has changed direction and enhanced the display of context specific notifications in the Dynamics NAV clients. From a development perspective, these notification are considered to be LocalScope, meaning they must be context specific. Non-content specific notifications, or GlobalScope, are not currently supported but are expected to be in future releases.

Here’s what you need to know about them:

  1. Notifications are available on all Dynamics NAV clients (Windows, Web, Tablet, and Mobile) and can be customized for use by user.

  2. Notifications provide information the the user.

  3. Notifications will show in he ‘Notification bar’ in light blue banner at the top of the page the user is working on.

  4. The notification will show on the top of the page until the user dismisses them, takes some action on them, or leaves the page.

  5. Instead of pop up messages that cover your screen and get in your way (as seen in older versions), NAV now can provide context specific non-intrusive messaging. This means no requirement of having to choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to get the notification out the way so you can continue working; you can finish what you are entering and then come back to the notifications.

OLD WAY-When you entered a Sales Order for a customer and the customer had an overdue balance, a box would pop up, notifying you if there was an overdue balance and asking you if you still wanted to continue to enter the sales order.

NEW WAY- see the light blue Notification Bar below.

  1. These ‘Smart’ notifications can assist even novice users to perform more advanced tasks without preventing them from proceeding.

  2. Typical usage is to notify the user if a customer has an overdue balance, is exceeding their credit limit, or if there is not enough inventory to cover a customer request.

  3. Notifications are for context specific meaning they are related to the record or transaction and/or specific parameters related to the transaction.

  4. There can be more than one notification at the top of the page which will show in chronological order with validation errors showing first.

  5. Notifications can have one or more actions defined for them which allow the user to choose an action (such as increasing the credit limit or allowing you to click for ‘Details’ on why an item does not have enough stock to see more information about availability).

  6. Notifications for the header (top part) of the transaction or subform (lines) of the transaction both show in the Notifications bar at the top of the page.

  7. They are typically ‘non-modal’ dialogs which means they don’t require the user to respond once a message is displayed and they do not require the user to act it in order to proceed, but, they can also be modal with a pop up with a box on the screen requiring the user to make a selection in order to proceed. The new notification  ‘Warn about unposted documents’ that tells a user if they have not posted a sales order when they exit a sales order is an example of a modal notification.


The ‘My Notifications’ page which is accessed from Departments > Administration > Application Setup > RoleTailored Client > My Notifications,  allows a user to customize which notifications are ‘Enabled’.  This means seasoned users can suppress notifications that might be more helpful to novice users.

In addition, ‘Conditions’ can be set, by user, for example to show the notification only if the Overdue Balance is more than $1,000.00.

Want that message telling you that you haven’t posted the order to stop popping up every time you leave a sales order?  Mark the line for ‘Warn about unposted documents.’ to No(unchecked) and you won’t have to have the screen taken up by the notification and have to click ‘Yes’ on it every time you leave a sales order.

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