Dynamics NAV- Finding and reviewing entries in detail

I’m always looking for faster and easier ways to navigate through Dynamic NAV quickly to access information. In newer versions, Microsoft spent a lot of time looking into this need for ease of access and added functionality to allow users to more quickly navigate the system with less keystrokes and clicks.

In this blog, I’m going to share one of those improvements in newer versions that can help speed you up.

If you are using an older version of Dynamics NAV, NAV 2009 or earlier, it is a multi-step process just to review ledger entries in detail. With Dynamics NAV 2013 and above, this task becomes a snap because Microsoft has added pages to display this information without having to get to it in a round about way.

For example, say you want to look at all Customer Ledger Entries together. If you have on NAV 2009 and below, you have to navigate to a customer then to their ledger entries. Then you have to Clear all filters to see all of the Customer Ledger Entries together.

Or, let’s say you want to see all of the voided Check Ledger Entries for all Bank Accounts in one place. You would have to go to a Bank Account card, navigate to the Check Ledger Entries and then clear the filter. Then filter on ‘Entry Status’

In Dynamics NAV 2013 and up, it’s as easy as typing ‘Customer Ledger Entries’ into the Search box and select it from the list and BAM, you see all of the entries.

Having this capability makes it easier than ever to quickly access detail information for review.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

Say you want to look at only Customer Ledger Entries with a value in the ‘On Hold’ field. Click on ‘Add Filter’ and select the ‘On Hold’ field and filter to <>’’.  the <> means not. The two single quotes, indicates blank. This means you are looking for entries there the ‘On Hold’ field is not blank. Type ‘Customer Ledger Entries’ in the Search box and select it and then just add your filters.

If you will use this filter again, you can save it by selecting ‘Customer Ledger Entries; in blue and then selecting ‘Save View As’.

Give the filter a ‘Name’, select the ‘Activity Group’ you want it to show under and select OK.

Let’s look at another example where we want to see the Vendor Ledger Entries where there is an ‘IRS 1099 Code’. In the Search box, type in ‘Vendor Ledger Entries’.

Then under ‘Show results’, select ‘IRS 1099 Code’ the drop down list.

Enter ‘MISC-07’ in the ‘Enter a Value’ field.

I can now review entries marked as having a 1099 code and I can see that I need to check on Invoice 10841. There is an ‘IRS 1099 Code’ , but no ‘IRS 1099 Amount’. I should review the invoice and update the ‘IRS 1099 Amount’ if the invoice should have been 1099 liable.

Customer and Vendor Ledger Entries aren’t the only pages available to show detail.

The following pages are also available:


  1. General Ledger Entries

  2. G/L Budget Entries

  3. Bank Account Ledger Entries

  4. Check Ledger Entries

  5. Cash Flow Ledger Entries

  6. Tax Entries

  7. Analysis View Entries

  8. Analysis View Budget Entries


  1. Request Entries

  2. Posted Approval Entries


  1. FA Ledger Entries

  2. Maintenance Ledger Entries

  3. Ins. Coverage Ledger Entries


  1. Customer Ledger Entries

  2. Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entries

  3. Campaign Entries

  4. Opportunity Entries

  5. Interaction Log Entries


  1. Vendor Ledger Entries

  2. Detailed Vendor Ledg. Entries


  1. Item Ledger Entries

  2. Value Entries

  3. Item Budget Entries

  4. Warehouse Entries


  1. Job Ledger Entries

  2. Job WIP Entries

  3. Job G/L Entries


  1. Capacity Entries


  1. Service Ledger Entries

  2. Warranty Ledger Entries

  3. Loaner Entries

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