Dynamics NAV- How to change the Deposit Batch

In most screens, you select the Batch Name from the drop down in the screen.

Here is what the General Ledger and most other batches looks like, simply click on the drop down arrow next to batch name and select a different batch.

Deposits work a bit differently as they do not have the same drop down shown at the top of the page.

Here’s how to change the batch in Deposits.

Navigate to Departments > Financial Management > Cash Management > Deposits.

Select the New button from the Home tab. The batch you are in will show at the top.

In the screenshot below, please note that the batch is DEFAULT.

Select the Navigate tab and select Change Batch.

Make a selection from the list and select OK or select New and enter a new batch and click OK.

The new batch name will now show at the top of the screen (below it now shows the CHKDEPOSIT batch. Select New to create a new deposit for the batch.

When you create new deposits, the batch will always be the batch you set unless you change it manually.

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