Dynamics NAV Workflows

Dynamics NAV 2016 and Dynamics NAV 2017 offer the ability to do workflows. Dynamics NAV 2017 takes what was offered in NAV 2016 a step further and introduces the Workflow Wizard to assist in the setup of workflows. To use approvals in the newer versions of NAV, you must use workflows.


Workflows are steps through which a task must pass in order to be completed. They are a way of mapping your business process requirements into your software.

In Dynamics NAV, workflows are made up of Events, Conditions, and Responses. When an ‘event’ occurs under the ‘conditions’ specified, NAV will kick off a ‘response’ to that event.

Workflows allow you to route tasks that are part of a business process through different steps in order to be completed successfully. Each completed step initiates the next step until the business process is completed.


You may require that before a general journal is posted (event), and the entries are in the ‘DEFAULT’ General Journal batch (condition), the journal batch must be approved by the Accounting Manager(response).

Another example might be when a Unit Price is changed on an item card(event) , the Inventory Manager must approve the change(response). In this case, we haven’t set any conditions so any Unit Price change to any item requires approval(response). Not having any conditions is also a condition.

Or, we could setup NAV so when a Unit Price is changed(event), for an item in a specific Item Category, like FURNITURE(condition), that approval is required by the Furniture Manager(response)before the Unit Price can be changed.

We then would setup additional workflows for changing the Unit Price on an item when it belongs to a different Item Category, like OFFICE SUPPLIES(condition), where the Office Supplies Manager (response) must approve before the Unit Price can be changed.

Create a workflow for each scenario related to the different ‘conditions’ you require.


Can be used to send notifications via email or internal notification.

Workflows can be combined and multiple workflows might be involved in a process going from start to finish.

EXAMPLE OF TWO WORKFLOWS: We can create a Purchase Invoice Approval Workflow which requires approval based on the amount of the invoice. Once the expenditure is approved, the user posts the Purchase Invoice and a second workflow is kicked off, the Purchase Invoice workflow, which then background posts the purchase invoice and a payment journal line is automatically inserted to pay the invoice.


Workflows can be created from scratch using the events, conditions, and responses already in the system or you can copy from any of the pre-existing Workflow templates and modify the configuration of it as necessary. Custom code can also be created to allow for workflows beyond what is provided in the core product. An example of what you might have developed is the ability to use workflows with  Unit Price changes to also work for Resources.

Microsoft provides a starting point for workflows, as the core product includes 29 Workflow Templates which you can customize for your needs:


Overdue Approval Requests Workflow-The creation and sending of notifications for overdue approval requests when the ‘Send Overdue Approval Notifications’ is run. Set your own ‘conditions’.


  1. General Journal Batch Approval Workflow-Set a requirement for General Journal Batches to be approved before they can be posted. NAV will check to see if the entry is balanced and will put a restriction on the batch pending approval and create and send a notification to the Direct Approver.

  2. General Journal Line Approval Workflow-Set q requirements on General Journal lines to restrict lines I and create an approval request and notification of the Direct Approver.


  1. Incoming Document Workflow-Notify a user when an incoming document is created.

  2. Incoming Document Approval Workflow-The ability to add a restriction to an incoming document, which sets the status to Pending Approval, creates the approval request, and notifies the Workflow User Group.

  3. Incoming Document Exchange Workflow- When an incoming document is received via document exchange, NAV will release the incoming document and create a document. If it cannot, it will notify a user.

  4. Incoming Document to General Journal Line OCR Workflow-when an incoming document comes back from the OCR service, NAV will try to create the Incoming document. If it fails, it will notify a user.

  5. Incoming Document OCR Workflow-When an incoming document is received from OCR successfully, a document is created; if the document fails, a user will be notified.

Purchase & Payables

  1. Vendor Approval Workflow- when a new vendor is entered, a record restriction will be added to the vendor, an approval request will be created and the request will be sent to the Direct Approver.

Purchase Documents

  1. Blanket Purchase Order Approval Workflow- when a blanket purchase order is entered, put a restriction on the record, create an approval request, and send notification to a user.

  2. Purchase Credit Memo Approval Workflow

  3. Purchase Invoice Approval Workflow

  4. Purchase Invoice Workflow

  5. Purchase Order Approval Workflow

  6. Purchase Quote Approval Workflow

  7. Purchase Return Order Approval Workflow

Sales and Marketing

  1. Customer Credit Limit Change Approval-The ability to set a restriction which requires approval to change a credit limit

  2. Customer Approval Workflow

  3. Item Approval Workflow

  4. Item Unit Price Change Approval Workflow

Sales Documents

  1. Blanket Sales Order Approval Workflow

  2. Sales Credit Memo Approval Workflow

  3. Sales Invoice Approval Workflow

  4. Sales Invoice Credit Limit Approval Workflow

  5. Sales Order Approval Workflow

  6. Sales Order Credit Limit Workflow

  7. Sales Quote Approval Workflow

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