Emails in MS Dynamics NAV

Sharing important information with your colleagues is key for an organization that depends on cooperation, collaboration and teamwork in general. This applies to any kind of business but especially for the service industry. The reason why many organizations fail in this is because we are all focusing on the task at hand, but we tend to forget that there will be follow up. This can be either by yourself but many times the follow up ends up on someone else’s plate within the organization.

On top of that the automated systems we’re using, do not always provide quick and easy ways to make important information available, mostly because we have different systems for the different types of tasks performed.

But if you look at what is the most used medium for interacting with your customers and coworkers, many of you will probably reckon that is emails. So wouldn’t it be awesome if you could share your important emails with your coworkers?

The answer: Yes, it would

The solution: Outlook with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Obviously Microsoft’s latest version of Dynamics NAV has easy-to-use integrations with Outlook, allowing users to share emails related to the processes in NAV. And the next version will have improved capabilities in combination with Office 365. But what if you are using an older version of NAV? Of course you need to start planning your upgrade, but there can be multiple different reasons why this is further downstream than you would want it to be.

In that case there may be a perfect solution available for your organization called the Outlook Email Connector for NAV. The following link shows how this works: Outlook email Connector

Keep in mind that the video shows the integration with contacts, and that this solution comes with the option to link emails to jobs in NAV. But with low impact customizations to your NAV database it can be tailored to link emails to quotes, orders, contracts, purchase orders / invoice, or whatever type of records your NAV database contains.

Now your organization’s teamwork can begin!


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