ERROR: “The object file cannot be used with this version of the program.”

The other day I had to build some custom functionality for one of our clients who is using NAV 2009 SP1 (build 32146). I had already had to build that same functionality for another client, who is using NAV 2015 (build 43389), so of course instead of writing that same code all over again, I was going to merge the two objects. First I copied the exported object (both in fob format as well as in text, I like to always have both) for the NAV 2015 object into my merge folder, and then I exported the object from my NAV 2009 SP1 database as text into that same folder. Since I always like to make a backup of any object I am about to modify, I decided to export the object I was about to merge as a fob file as well. But to my surprise, when I attempted to export the object as a fob file to that same folder, a very unintuitive ERROR message was raised:

I had already exported objects as a fob file from this database before, and I had just exported an object as a text file, so I knew something else had to be the matter. I tried again, but of course I received the same ERROR message. I shut down NAV, restarted the service, opened NAV up again and tried again (since in about 80% of all unusual ERROR messages stopping and restarting the service seems to do the trick), but again I received that same ERROR message.

Since I was getting frustrated, I decided to ask one of my colleagues if they had ever come across this ERROR before, or if they had any idea of what the problem may be. One of them asked if I had tried exporting the object to my desktop. I like keeping my desktop clean, so of course I hadn’t tried that. I didn’t think it was going to make a difference, but what do you know: NAV would just let me export the object as an fob file to my desktop without any problems.

After some more experimenting, and moving files around, it turned out that when you try to export an object as an fob file from a NAV 2009 SP1 database, into a folder that already contains an fob file exported from a NAV 2015 database, NAV will feel the necessity to raise this ERROR. I doubt it’s only these two specific versions of NAV that cause the conflict. I haven’t received the ERROR anymore, because after I got that ERROR, I now just export the objects from the different databases first, and then copy both text files into my merge folder.

I hope this blog will save you some frustration.


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