Expense Reporting for Dynamics NAV with Gorilla Expense

Is your expense process just another monkey on your back?

Is expense a slow, frustrating, manual, money sucking, error prone, and inefficient process in your organization?

Did you know the industry estimate for an average cost to process an expense report manually is $23, versus $7 for an automated transaction?

Don’t let your money disappear into a black hole.

Go from zero to hero with Gorilla Expense, an intuitive and easy to use Expense collection, management, approval, and reporting add-on solution integrated to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Are you a struggling with the whole Expense process?

Answer the questions below to determine if you are a good candidate for Expense automation with Gorilla Expense.

  1. Is your process for expenses paper based?

  2. Are you still using Excel for Expense reports?

  3. Do you have a large number of employees who are regularly on the road?

  4. Are you employees turning in expense reports on time?

  5. Are the expense reports employees do submit incomplete/correct?

  6. Is it a time consuming process for employees to submit expenses?

  7. Are you spending a lot of time on manual entry of expenses?

  8. Do your employees have access to submit expenses from their mobile phone?

  9. Do you have a seamless approval process for managers?

  10. Do you have good visibility/control of overspending?

  11. Can you track expense policy enforcement easily?

  12. Do you have full visibility into different areas of spending?

Here’s what customers have to say about Gorilla Expense

  1. We looked at a few options and Gorilla was the best. Very user friendly, quickly gets expenses created + approved, and the NAV integration works perfectly. The application also handles Dimensions which is a huge plus for us.

  2. Gorilla Expense has done a great job automating it as much as possible.

  3. Very powerful software for Navision expense claims and reimbursements. Mobile app is very easy to use, clean interface, integration to NAV2013 is very helpful and works great. Made our life much simpler.

  4. Love this product for NAV!

  5. A unique aspect about Gorilla is the high level of customer service. Calls are answered immediately, new customization requests are entertained and they help us solve problems unique to us.

  6. Great integration with NAV Dimensions

  7. We wanted to flag expenses with 3 NAV dimensions and Gorilla expense was able to do that and automate the entire integration

  8. Gorilla Expense has done a great job automating it as much as possible.

  9. Very powerful software for Navision expense claims and reimbursements. Mobile app is very easy to use, clean interface, integration to NAV2013 is very helpful and works great. Made our life much simpler.

  10. The amount of time the staff spent on reconciling expenses was painful – it makes me wonder why we didn’t move from excel before. The ability to create entire expense report on a phone is very helpful. It encourages the users to submit reports in real time. It helps accounting to close books on time. The entire process is streamlined now and working with Gorilla Expense team was a pleasure. They have a variety of integration options with NAV, including dimensions, jobs, general journals, payable journals etc. We researched a variety of systems out there and none have all these integration options.


Here are some of the Benefits

  1. Reduces paper

  2. Allows for Pre-trip approvals

  3. Post-trip approvals

  4. Enforce expense policies

Here are some of the Features

  1. Online Expense Reporting

  2. Gorilla Expense uses advanced security standards so your data is safely maintained and managed.

  3. Available as a Cloud based or as an On-Premise solution.

  4. Electronic Receipts Submit e-receipts a mobile device or computer and eliminate the need to keep up with paper receipts.

  5. Mobile App – Manage expenses using iPhone, iPad and Android phones

  6. Offers an OCR feature add-on, where the app will scan the receipt, automatically extract data from the receipt and complete the expense for the user.

  7. Receipts can be easily attached to Corporate Credit Card transactions and submitted.

  8. Allows users to not only upload line item expenses but also submit entire Expense Reports without having to get in front of a computer.

  9. Automatic Credit Card Import – Import personal and corporate credit card transactions directly into the expense report. All major credit card companies and financial institutions are supported.

  10. Mileage Using Google Maps – Use Google Maps to calculate mileage (or the user can manually enter the number of miles). Just enter the start & end locations on a map and Gorilla Expense does the rest.

  11. Advanced Reporting –Use the standard reports or uses the built-in reporting module to easily create ad-hoc reports, charts and graphs to assist you in reviewing expense data to help you make informed decisions and make quick assessments of performance. (by Report Type, Country, Expense Type, Employee, Payment Method, Job Number, Class).

  12. Multi-level Approval & Electronic Routing – Users that are designated as Managers can view, save and approve/decline reports that are submitted by subordinates from within the application. The application also allows Managers to redirect reports to other Managers including Accounting for the final approval. All of this is managed electronically within the application.

  13. Cost Allocation Works with more than 140 foreign currencies. VAT/GST

  14. Multiple Currencies

  15. Allocate expenses to different jobs, projects, cost centers, departments, customers and other categories.

  16. List the VAT or GST amount(s) for an expense for full compliance with typical VAT or GST reclaim requirements. Audit Trail

  17. Audit trail capability captures changes made at multiple levels including a description of the actual change and a date and time stamp.

Want to see what kind of savings your organization can achieve with expense automation?

Visit the Gorilla Expense website and use their handy Automation Savings Calculator (the link is in the lower left hand side) at: http://www.gorillaexpense.com/Overview.html and then contact ABS at sales@abserp.net for pricing and ordering information.

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