Find NAV Classic client options in RTC

As a NAV implementer I have many years of experience working with NAV classic client. When transitioning to the Role Tailored Client (RTC) I am sometimes searching for those features in the classic client that I use on a regular basis and was able to open with my eyes closed. But in the RTC I was unable to find them in the beginning, specifically the features in the toolbar since that toolbar is no longer there.

Below I’m showing you 3 commonly used classic client features that may take you a while to locate in the Role Tailored Client.

1: Send to shortcuts / Save view As

Most NAV end-users will only need a limited set of menu-options in their day to day processes. So I always encourage them to create their own shortcuts and filtered views, using the ‘Send Link To Shortcuts’ (refer to this Shortcuts blog for more details). In RTC use the dropdown next to the page’s title and select ‘Save View As’.

In classic it allowed the user to create shortcuts in the dedicated Shortcuts section of the main menu. Big advantage in the RTC is that these views can be saved anywhere the user would like them.

2: Zoom / Table Fields

This is not a typical end-user feature but for implementers and system administrators it is sometimes very helpful to analyze all the fields of a record, not just the ones that show on the regular user interface (refer to this ‘Compare Records’ blog for more details). A quick way to do that in classic is using the ‘Zoom’ function. In RTC use the dropdown in upper left corner, select Help – About This Page – Table Fields.

In classic it lists the fields in the order of the underlying NAV field-number. Big advantage in the RTC is that the fields are sorted alphabetically which makes searching for certain information easier.

3: Database Sessions

NAV has the ‘Sessions’ page for when a system administrator needs to know who is logged into NAV, the date/time users logged in, and how many NAV sessions they logged in to. This is also very useful when someone tries to log on to NAV but the system does not allow because the maximum number of users in the NAV license has been exceeded, so you can consider requesting one of the logged on users to log off NAV.

In classic this can be found using the File – Database – Information, and then drilling down on the Current Sessions number. In RTC the Sessions option is a menu item in the Administration-department, IT Administration, General.

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