Fix Mismanaged Credentials: You Do Have the Power!

Mismanaged Credentials are a boon to Hackers.

Don’t make it easy!

You have the Power!

You don’t even have to use a sword. There are many ways to win the battle against hackers. Well, even if you don’t always win, you could at the very minimum put up a real fight and you don’t have to be He-Man to do so! It just requires a little action on your part. A few simple clicks and a small fee.

78% of Security breaches are do to mismanaged credentials says William C. Fleenor, CPA, PHD a nationaly known security expert. A breach can be extremely costly both financially and in the company’s goodwill. With the high percentages of breaches due to mismanaged credentials what tools are you using to manage your passwords?

Because of the fact that many people keep passwords in their head it promotes the use of weak passwords that are often highly suceptable to brute force attacks“, says Fleenor.

Also memorized passwords have to be keyed which increases the likelyhood of compromise by key logging software. There are a number of Password Managing software programs on the market including RoboForm, LastPass Premium, Dashlane, 1password, Keeper Password Manager and Digital Vault, and Keepass.

This Hacker has got a headache and it has Roboform written all over it!

I found it very easy to get started with Roboform. You can download a free month long trial (after the fist month it is $9.99 per month). According to the website “There’s no start-up time with RoboForm-just surf the web as you normally would. When you login to a website, RoboForm automatically offers to save your Login information. It’s that simple!”

Well that is true and then all these passwords are stored in a vault secured with military-grade AES 256 encryption. You only have to remember one password which is your master password and which servers as your encryption key. Additionally since you no longer need to remember or type your passwords, you can use RoboForm to generate very strong, unique passwords for each of the sites that you visit. You can easily and effortlessly have RoboForm generate passwords like this: y5dZHZX$&f2t. The key is that Roboform remembers it.

Now when you are surfing the web instead of going first to the website and logging in just go to your list of websites in Roboform and click the site you want to go to. Roboform will bring you there and log you in immediately.

The ROI that you should receive from one of these password tools is substantial. Give one a try today and let me know what you think.


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