Geeks & Green Ale = Good Times!

Convergence 2015 Fun!

Would you have thought going to a business conference with a bunch of geeks was fun? Well it is, but I guess that depends on who you hang out with and what day it is. It sure helps when convergence is on St. Patrick’s Day. There was much green ale to be had!

Good Times with Green Ale and Great Company.  Not so sure if anyone found a pot of gold, but it sure was fun trying.

Then there is the aspect of who you hang out with. If you were to hang out with Bryan Whitney from Lanham Services and Per Mogensen from MergeTool there is no limit to the trouble you may get in. From crashing parties to having Ted’s Montana Grill rewrite the menu and stop calling the meat “Bison” and start calling it “Buffalo” again. I guess you had to be there but that is the point. Make sure you are here next year. It will be held in one of my favorite cities!


Get your butt to Convergence next year! It will be fun! We may even go fishing!

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