General Journal posting error – The posting date of one or more journal lines is outside the c

If you are using Dynamics NAV 2017 attempt to post a General Journal and you get the message you see below, check each line in the batch to ensure that the ‘Posting Date’ field is correct on the lines. NAV 2017 has a feature that allows you to be warned so you don’t post an entry into another fiscal year by accident. This notification is setup in ‘My Notifications’.  If you are on NAV 2017 and you are not on Cumulative Update 18 released May 2018 or above, and you see this message and the dates on all of your lines are in this current fiscal year (Accounting periods for this year), don’t worry, it’s not you. This is a known Microsoft bug.

In the search box in the upper right hand corner of the Home screen, type in ‘My Notifications’. You will need to set the ‘Confirm posting outside the fiscal year’ setting the opposite of what you want it to do if you are below Cumulative Update 18. If you want to be prompted, turn it off, if you don’t want to be notified, turn it on.

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