Get your head out of the clouds! A statement of the past?

Why would you do that?

Did you know that cloud spending is 5 times the  rate of IT spending overall? Currently 50% of Fortune 500 companies are using the Azure cloud. But interestingly 40% of Azure revenue is coming from startups. So the businesses that are using the cloud come in all shapes and sizes. Every day there are 1000 new businesses that sign up for Azure.

What is going on here that makes the cloud so enticing to a large variety of businesses? 

Its pretty easy for a company to come to the decision to place their Email and File Sharing up in the cloud. It eliminates alot of administrative work. No more having to maintain exchange servers. The Office Programs are always up to date. Monthly access fees are easier to budget than a complete sofware refresh every three years or so.

Once the Office applications including email are up on Azure companies start asking about their business applications in the cloud.

They want to pay based on consumption. Kind of like electricity out of the wall or water out of the tap. They can scale the use up or down as their business needs for that particular month. It fits the business. We have companies that have either over or underbought NAV User licenses. You don’t have that issue with NAV on Azure as it is a subsription model that can increase or decrease over time.

Implementing NAV on Azure is fast! We are able to get a standard NAV installation up in a matter of minutes, not weeks while you are waiting on the hardware to be delivered, installed, tested, etc.

Its Easy! You can access NAV at anytime from anywhere and on any device.

There are currently over 1 million servers running Azure in 100+ datacenters around the world in what amounts to greater than a $3 Billion investment by Microsoft. Redundancy and multi-level security are of course fully addressed in this model.

Let us help you with your cloud investigation today.

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