How to – Copy Company Data

Since the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 the beloved ability to create a copy of a database company has returned.

To create a copy of a Company you will need to perform the following steps:

Switch to a different company before you rename. If only one company exist, you must create a new temporary company to rename from.

Open Companies Page and Rename Company

Export to a Data File

During the Export you can choose to export any of the following combinations:

All Companies Specifies if you want to export all companies in the current database. If you do not choose this field, and you want to export one or more companies, you must you must select the relevant companies from the list of available companies.Global Data Specifies if you want to export data that is common to all companies in the database. This includes the report list, permission sets, user IDs, and printer selections, but no company-specific business data.Application Data Specifies if you want to export the data that defines the application in the database.Application Specifies if you want to export all application objects. Application data is not included.

Rename Company back to Original Name

Import from a Data File

Confirm the Import from Data File.

Click OK after import finishes.

Open Copy of New Company to Verify Data.

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