How to Create a Sales Credit Memo in Dynamics NAV

A Sales Credit Memo is issued by a seller in order to reduce the amount a customer owes. The reason may be to correct a previously issued sales invoice. It may be used to return an item back into inventory from a customer. It can also be used to give a customer compensation such as a sales allowance.

In Dynamics NAV

1. Navigate to the Sales Credit Memos by using the Search box.

2. Create a new sales credit memo by clicking the New button in the ribbon.

3. In the Sell-to Customer No. field, enter the customer number that you are issuing a credit. Populate the External Document No.

4. NAV provides an option for filling the sales credit memo header and lines automatically by using the Copy Document function.  Another way that will populate the credit memo lines automatically once the header information is complete by using the function Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse. You can also complete the information in the sales credit memo manually.

  1. You can use the Copy Document batch job to copy an existing document to the credit memo. It can be either a posted document or a document that is not yet posted. Use this function to copy the entire document.

NOTE: Please select the Include Header box for those credit memos that need to have the same information as the original posted invoice document. Only check the Recalculate Lines box if you want the system to recalculate the amounts on the lines based on the customer pricing information on the Sales Credit Memo.

You can use the Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse function to copy one or more posted document lines from one or more posted documents. This function’s purpose is to allow you to exactly reverse the costs from the posted document line.

5. On the Invoicing FastTab, you can see the other information that was copied from the customer card or from the document being copied from. If you want to post the credit memo to a different customer than the one specified on the General FastTab, enter the number of that customer in the Bill-to Customer No. field.

6. Check and update the Posting Date and Document Date fields on the Sales Credit Memo if needed.

7. If you used the copy document feature above, the system will automatically populate the Applies-to Doc. Type and Applies-to Doc. No. on the Application tab.

You can apply the credit memo line to a specific item ledger entry, job entry, or service entry, and you can assign item charges cost to it. Once you have finished filling in the Sales Credit Memo, you can post it.

In Dynamics NAV like other documents, once the Credit Memo is posted the document is deleted and a Posted Credit Memo is created.

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