How to create Customer Contacts in Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV provides Contact cards for both company and person that can help you improve and personalize your business relationship with your contacts. The information about Contacts includes the basic use for everyday business by providing name, address, phone, and e-mail for example. It also provides more detailed information which can help you improve and personalize your business relationship. For this blog, we are going to review only the manual creation of a customer contact and how to assign a primary contact to the customer.

Follow the instructions below to create Contacts for a Customer in Dynamics NAV.

  1. On the Customer Card – Navigate tab, click Contact

2. Click New to create a Contact Card

3. On the Contact Card – General tab, populate the following fields:

A. Type – is an option, select Person for the individuals that represent the Company.

B. Company No – use the assist button to locate the related Customer Card

1. Once the Company No is entered the Company Name and related address fields are automatically populated based on the information in the Customer Card.

C. Name – use the assist button to populate the Name Details window

1. When you click OK, the fields in the Name Details window will be copied to the Contact Card as highlighted in the screenshots below.

4. On the Contact Card – Communication tab, populate the Phone No., Fax No. and Email address fields accordingly.

5. Click OK when you finish updating the Contact Card. You may need to refresh the Contact List to see the new contact listed.

6. Now we are ready to assign this person Contact as our primary contact on the customer. To do this, Navigate back to the Customer Card. In the Primary Contact No field use the drop down to select the Contact you want to add as the Primary Contact for the respective customer card.

You will see the Primary Contact No and Contact fields have been populated on the Customer Card as shown below.

Now we have created the Contact in Dynamics NAV and assigned the person as the Primary Contact for this customer.

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