“How To” Guide for Moving Objects in NAV that Appear Off Screen

I know that’s happened to me regularly and it used to frustrate me, until I discovered this simple ‘trick’: when an object* is hidden, or not enough on screen for you to be able to handle it the way you want to, but you do know it’s the active object, you can click Alt, then left arrow once, then the down arrow twice, and you will see a little menu appear, with menu option ‘move’ selected:

After hitting ‘Enter’, there is two ways to move the object on screen again:

1) You can use the arrow keys to move the object around, and when it’s fully on screen again, just click ‘Enter’ to leave it there

2) You can click and hold the left mouse button, move the object on screen again, and then release the left mouse button to leave it there (this method only works when at least part of the object is already on screen, so you can just grab and drag the object)

With this simple trick, off screen objects no longer have to keep you from getting the job done.

*It’s not only objects though, it could for instance also be the Object Designer.

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