How to resolve a Number Series Error in NAV

When creating a new record in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, most users will encounter an error message at some point that states, ‘You cannot assign numbers greater than XXXXX from the number series XXXX’. When you receive this error the system is letting you know that you do not have the No. (Number) Series setup to allow you to assign anymore records.

To resolve this error, you will need a clear understanding of the error message.  Let’s use the example below:

When creating a New Customer Card, I received an error stating that, ‘You cannot assign numbers greater than C00011 from the number series CUST’.

Navigate to the No Series table.

In the No Series table, find the code above, in this case CUST. On the Code CUST line, double click the Ending No field to edit the No Series table.

Update/increase the Ending No field, as shown below to resolve the error:

Once the Ending No field is populated, navigate back to the Customer Card and click New to assign the new record with the next number in the series.

**Users also have an option to remove the Ending No. from the No. Series Line. This way the error is not hit once again. Please determine if an Ending No. is even necessary.

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