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Save money. Tame the mountain of paperwork. Prevent mistakes.

Making money is all about making profits with the least amount of expense. EDI uses computer technology to electronically send and receive information between organizations in a structured format.   Lanham EDI helps you reach your higher profit goals by eliminating labor intensive, error prone data entry and processing of transactions, therefore allowing your staff to focus on the real work.


Your customer wants to place an order. They export their Purchase Order from their system and it electronically arrives in your system as a Sales Order. No keying, no errors, no manual intervention, no time delay. Your system automatically sends back a confirmation that the order was received. Pretty cool right? This is only the tip of the ice burg. Take it a step further and you can electronically send your vendor a shipment notice with shipment details. Then send your vendor the invoice electronically. Why key data that your vendor can send you in a standardized importable format?

Did you know the top Fortune 500 companies ALL use EDI?

If you look at the Fortune 500 List for 2015 and Google for EDI specs, all of them are using EDI.

According to a Forrester research study “the annual volume of global EDI transactions exceeds 20 billion per year and is still growing.”

Think about how much time and money could be saved with the speed at which you can enter and process transactions using EDI. Manually entering and processing transactions is an expensive proposition.

Most large companies you have heard of use EDI


Home DepotLowesWalmartTargetCaterpillarGeneral MotorsEatonGeneral ElectricBed Bath And BeyondKohlsJC PenneySearsMacysSaks Fifth AvenueMcDonalds

Do these statements refer to you?

  1. There’s a lot of paper involved in our ordering processes either as a vendor, a customer or both.

  2. It takes a lot of staff and/or a lot of time to process paperwork

  3. We get errors in our order entry.

  4. We use EDI but it’s a separate system and the data and traceability are held in different software packages.

Lanham EDI Benefits and Features:

  1. Eliminate paper and manual processing which means no more delays waiting for transactions to be keyed in and reduced labor costs not only from manually keying data but also in document storing, matching, reconciling, etc.

  2. Ensures standardization of exchanged information

  3. Ensure data integrity

  4. Lost orders are a thing of the past.

  5. Incorrectly taken phone orders no longer exist.

  6. Improves tracking with total access to data

  7. Helps eliminate charge backs and fines

  8. Supports X12 (North American) and EDIFACT (European) standards.

  9. Strong document mapping tool maps to fields directly in the database.

  10. Packaged EDI maps available for major trading partners.

  11. Cross Reference engine maps Item, Units of Measure, Sell-To, Ship-to, Ship-For, Store, and Distribution Centers so you can translate the information your customer sends into data that makes sense in your company.

  12. Allows for reductions in inventory especially for Just-In-Time inventories uses like manufacturing.

  13. When you can handle transactions more quickly with EDI, you can reap big savings by taking advantage of early payment discounts.

*Any Inbound Document that is not supported as a functional document can be received into NAV and printed as a Formatted Receive Report. Additional maps can be customized.

For an EDI Document List to give you an idea of the kinds of documents that can be traded using EDI, click the following link:


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