Lanham Supply Chain Summit: E-ship quick combinations

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Lanham’s Supply Chain Summit in Atlanta and it was a huge success! A big thank you to all the folks at Lanham who made this possible, but also to the contributing presenters; Mars Symbioscience, Monin, and of course Gary Jenkins entertainment.

We learned so much about E.D.I., E-ship and ACE Warehousing; not only new functionality but also the added value from existing features that may not be known to everybody.

I would like to point out one of those features that I’m sure is very helpful to everybody who is using E-ship, but which could be underutilized:

I’m talking about E-ship’s Standard Options. Standard Options can be used to define your own commands to be used during the packing process. Options to define for your company’s use can include: • Set certain carrier options (e.g. add additional UPS/Fedex handling) • Print reports • Overwrite certain fields in the package (e.g standard weights and/or dimensions) • Add lines to a package (e.g. to add a manual to a box) • Combine several commands to a single scan

Combining several commands to a single scan is my favorite feature: I have seen so many cheat sheets with different barcodes that the warehouse employees are using and they go from one to the other without doing anything in between. By combining several commands to a single scan you can create your own barcode command for packing the remaining items on to your package, close that package, and close the order and print it. All with one command that you can code yourself, which in the example below is coded ALLP.

The example below is in NAV2016, but this feature is available in all E-ship versions, including for the NAV classic client versions.

To define your own combinations and standard options go to Departments – Administration – Application Setup – E-ship – Standard Option Setup. Here is an example list of some options you can define:

My favorite for combining several commands to a single scan, creating your own barcode command for Packing Remaining, Close Package Print, and Close Order Print:

Once you are in E-ship and want to use this command, you enter //X in combination with the code you defined for the standard command you just created, so in our example that would be //XALLP:

Above is just one example of the many great tips we went over last week, and all the functionality E-ship has to offer.

Visit Lanham’s website for more information, fact sheets and other documentation provided, also for the other great products they offer.

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