Microsoft Convergence 2015 – Day 2 Reporting

  1. Create more personal computing

  2. Re-inventing productivity and business processes

  3. Building the intelligent cloud

The three dimensions of empowerment address people, organizations and industries. Judson gave an example of having personal computing create a far more engaging and enriching experience for individuals using the power of data. The example was utilizing the website to assist individuals in developing their family tree. Big Data analytical matches are helping people complete their tree beyond the information that they have provided the system. It is a greatly improved service through the use of technology and DNA matches than it was just a few years ago due to advances in technology.

An example of organizations being empowered was Grant Thornton. They have 40,000 professionals in 138 countries. They implemented Office 365 and CRM. They have seen a 750% increase in opportunities and a 47% increase in their close rate.

One of the examples of empowering industries was Delta Airlines. They put Nokia 1520s in the hands of the flight attendants to be able to manage every aspect of their job including flight schedules, procedures, individual traveler information. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that the large heavy bags of charts, procedures and forms that pilots use have been replaced by a Surface. Wow! Data is now pushed to the pilots on the surface and they receive updated weather information, and turbulence charts, in addition to all of their standard charts, maps, forms and documents.

Just taking the heavy satchels of documents out of the planes is allowing Delta to save 1.2 million gallons of fuel this year. CONCLUSION:

Judson was a great, personable presenter. He provided some concrete examples of how Microsoft is enabling people and organizations to do more and to accomplish more.

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