Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 HR

Functionality Review for the Standard Offering

  1. Need to track employee information?

  2. Can you print a list of address labels for an employee communication?

  3. Need to track and review employee absences?

  4. Need to print a list of employees in a particular department or a list of hourly employees?

  5. Do you do a monthly employee birthday party and need to know who to celebrate this month?

  6. Need to track union membership?

The base NAV product includes fully integrated human resources module to assist you in tracking and maintaining personal and company information for employees. Leverage the base functionality and retire the spreadsheets where you are tracking this information and use the power of NAV you already own. The reports include the ability to print mailing labels, employee absences, a list of staff birthdays, a list of company property in employee custody and more.

The Human Resources application area includes four major areas:

Personal Information

  1. Picture

  2. Address

  3. Phone number

  4. Gender

  5. E-Mail

  6. Birth date

  7. Alternate Addresses

  8. Relatives- Emergency Contacts

Company Information

  1. Job Title

  2. Company E-Mail

  3. Employment Date

  4. Inactive Date

  5. Cause of Inactivity

  6. Termination Date

  7. Grounds for Termination Code

  8. Employment Contract Code

  9. Statistics Group Code- break employees into groups by (Hourly, Salary for example) or whatever statistic you want to be able to split employees by.

  10. Resource No.- if using the Jobs application area

  11. Salesperson/Purchaser Code- for sales and purchasing areas

  12. Union Code

  13. Union Membership No.

  14. Qualifications- track skills (Accountant, Payroll, Project Management for example)

  15. Comments- track internal comments related to the employee.

  16. Dimensions- Department

  17. Misc. Article Information (employee assets in employee custody)

  18. Internal notes about the employee

Overview screens

Overview screens allow you to see information about all employees from one screen.

  1. Tightening up your expenses? Review the Misc. Articles in the employees care to see who have company Credit Cards

  2. Tightening up your building security or having to issue new keys when a lock is replaced? Review the list of employees with a key.

You can also attach documents to an employee card with ‘Links’ for easy access from the employee card. Use this feature to attach files like: resume, job offer, job contract, certifications, and W-4s.

NOTE: Just remember when using Links to save the files into a shared location so others can pull up the files. If you save the files on your local machine (highlighted in yellow) and the location is not shared, other Human Resources staff will not be able to access the files. Permissions to the file folders can be controlled in Windows to restrict access and maintain confidentiality.

Absence Registration

Click on ‘Show as Chart’ to see the information in graphic form.

Hover your mouse over the bar and it will show you the specific number.

Reports & Analysis

Produce fast reports for employee address labels, a list of birthdays, contract, union details and more.

The following reports are available:

Administration and Setup

The database comes with starter data but you can add your own setups.

Here are the different setup tables:

You control how the employee numbers are generated, the possible causes of absence, grounds for termination, the types of information that is confidential and what types of relatives to track.

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