Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe Application Crash?

Troubleshooting Microsoft Dynamics NAV

From time to time I receive E-mails dealing with an Application Crash in Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe.

The best way to gain insight into the Application Crash is the Event Viewer:

To Open Event Viewer click the Start button, click Control Panel, click System and Security, click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Event Viewer.

In the Event Viewer under the Application folder you will see the event log for the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe Application

Below is the Event Log that was created.

Log Name:      Application Source:        .NET Runtime Date:          7/13/2015 2:31:08 PM Event ID:      1025 Task Category: None Level:         Error Keywords:      Classic User:          N/A Description: Application: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The application requested process termination through System.Environment.FailFast(string message).

Message: New item cannot be inserted or added to this collection, because the binding manager does not allow this.

Now we want to inspect both the Description and Message Sections to determine what is causing the application to crash.

After searching the internet I was not able to determine the cause of the Error Event ID 1025.

The application crash only happened for particular users.  After some investigation, I found that the error is due to the user not having appropriate Microsoft Dynamics NAV Permissions when inserting extended text.

So the next time you are faced with an application crash I would recommend you verify the user has the appropriate permissions.


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