Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Help You, Help Me…

So what you say?  Ask yourself how many times as your organization’s “power user” you answer the same questions about how to post transactions or how to setup a customer or vendor. Or as a developer how a customization you wrote modifies the system.  Wouldn’t it be much better to answer it once?  That is the idea behind the Help system! It can be used to contain any relevant documentation of mods to the system, guidelines on creating master data, processes to follow when posting, etc… Since the new Help Server is web-based and therefore authored in plain old HTML, you can create and maintain custom content that contains richly formated documents with screenshots and other images as well as links to any other web-based content such as video or a document stores.

As with all “pros” there are of course also some “cons”.  The first “con” isn’t a problem with the Help Server itself but can cause more problems than no Help at all; it is “out-of-date”, obsolete or incorrect information!  Before embarking on a help content creation project, make sure that backing is in place for continually creating and maintaining the content as business processes change or new and better processes are created. The second major “con” are the creation tools available. While the content pages are HTML, allowing you to use your favorite HTML editor, rules must be followed to ensure that the content you create will be viewable in Dynamics NAV and linked properly to the page(s) that the content relates to.  To ensure that everything works as it should you need to install and use the Help Toolkit that is available for Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 (2013 R2 and 2015 use the same tool).  Documentation on how to install and use the toolkit is available on MSDN.

With the right Help content, you will be able to confidently tell your users to RTFH (i.e. “Read the ** bleeping ** Help)!

Download Help Toolkit from PartnerSource:

Download Help Toolkit from CustomerSource:

MSDN Help on the Help Toolkit:

MSDN Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help:


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