NAV 2017 Allow Document Deletion Before field- Sales & Receivables Setup and Purchase & Paya

NAV 2017 has a new feature called ‘Allow Document Deletion Before’ which prevents the deletion of posted documents (Posted Invoices and Posted Credit Memos) for Sales or Purchasing before the date you enter.  This setting can be found in both the Sales & Receivables Setup and the Purchase & Payables Setup screens on the General tab.

When I first saw that this was a new feature in NAV 2017, I thought hoorah! Finally we won’t have to modify client installations, something we had to do now and then, to prevent the deletion of posted sales and purchase transactions. This request usually comes after someone deletes one and a customer asks us if we can get the document back (we can’t).

If you are on an older version now, and someone deletes a posted invoice or posted credit memo for sales or purchasing, thinking that it’s going to delete the whole transaction, it doesn’t. All related Vendor Ledger or Customer Ledger , General Ledger, Item Ledger entries,etc. stay in place, you just can’t look at the invoice or credit memo anymore because it’s gone.

I set this up on my NAV 2017 demo database and set the ‘Allow Document Deletion Before’ field to a date way in the future and went about trying to delete a Posted Purchase Invoice.

I see the Delete button on the ribbon in the Posted Purchase Invoice and I select a record and click Delete.

All I see is a screen showing the Posted Purchase Invoice that says Delete in front of it.

Then I tried to figure out how to delete it. There is no Delete button on the ribbon and no OK button to confirm I want to delete it. I tried Ctrl+Del, which is the keyboard shortcut to Delete. Nothing happened.

In the old version, you would click on the Delete icon on the ribbon and it would prompt you asking if you wanted to Delete, and as long as the document had been printed once, you could delete it.

I then went to View the Posted Purchase Invoice from the Posted Invoice list view and tried to Customize ribbon and add the delete button to the ribbon. Once I refreshed the page, I could never get the delete button to show.

Bottom line, while this sounds like a great new feature, unless you get a developer involved, your users won’t be able to delete the posted documents anyway, so there is no need to set a date in this field. It’s actually good news since now the system doesn’t present a way to try to delete these in the first place.

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