NAV 2017- Save report settings to make running a report with different filters fast

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 introduces another way to get your work done faster with the ability to save settings for reports. This means that if you run a report with different filter settings in it, you can save those settings and retrieve them when you print the report. No more having to fill in the settings you want on the report every time you run the report.

Let’s walk through an example to illustrate how this can be used:

I am going to print the Customer Sales Statistics report filtered on Customer Posting Group ‘DOMESTIC’.(This is the first time I am running this report)

The next time I run the report, it’s going to show a section at the top ‘Saved Settings’. Automatically, there will always be a ‘Last used options and filters’ which brings up the filters in the report that were used last time.

If I type ‘Report Settings’ in the search box, I can see the list of reports I have run where NAV has stored the filters entered when the report was run last.

I can update the ‘Name’ to more closely identify the filters for the report. I am going to update it to say ‘DOMESTIC’. When prompted to rename the record, click Yes.

We can also assign the report settings for this report to show for all users by removing the ‘Assigned To’ for the record (which means all users will now see this as an option in the ‘Saved Settings’ tab on the report). When we do this, the ‘Shared with all users’ will automatically be set to ‘Yes’. We can make these saved settings apply to all companies by removing the ‘Company Name’.

Then I go back to the report and run it again, this time I select Customer Posting Group ‘EU’.

When I go back to ‘Report Settings’ in the search box, I see it has created a new record showing a name of Last used options and filters. I rename the ‘Name’ field to ‘EU’ and tell NAV it’s ok to rename the record.

Now it’s saved as EU.

Then I run the Customer Sales Statistics again.  This time, I click on the drop down for ‘Name’ in the ‘Saved Settings’ tab and I see the two other filter scenarios from before. I can make a selection and print the report.

Running reports for different filter scenarios has never been easier!

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