Navigating Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Quick View Charts

Did you know that in the Dynamics NAV Role Tailored Client, you can use charts to quickly view important information? With the new NAV, the power of visualization is yours!

Depending on the Role assigned to you as a user, a Chart may show on your Role Center by default.

Here is are examples of the charts you can display for the Accounting Manager Role Center by default.

You may also customize your role center screen to add a chart part and customize it to the generic chart you want to see and you can also create charts on the fly to view information in the form of a chart, by clicking onShow as Charton several different pages in NAV.

Here is an example of one of the many charts available by default in NAV:

Here is a list of all of the the default charts:

(The list can be seen from Departments> Administration > Application Setup> RoleTailored Client> Generic Charts.)

IDNameQ5400-01Delayed Prod. Orders – By CostQ5401-01Pending Prod. Orders – By CostQ5402-01Top-10 Prod. OrdersQ5403-01My Prod. Orders – By CostQ5404-01My Delayed Prod. OrdersQ9150-01Customer Sales and ProfitQ9151-01Vendor Balance and Inv. AmountQ9152-01My Production OrdersT18-01Customers per SalespersonT270-01Balances per Bank AccountT272-01Open Checks per Bank AccountT36-01SO per CurrencyT36-02SO per StatusT36-03Sales Crdt Memos per StatusT36-04SO – EUROT36-05SO per LocationT36-06SO per Currency and LocationT36-07Sales Crdt Memos per SlspersonT36-08SO per DateT37-01SO Lines per LocationT38-01PO per CurrencyT38-02PO per StatusT38-03Purch Credit Memos per StatusT38-04PO – EUROT38-05Open PO per LocationT38-06PO per Currency and LocT38-07Purch. C. Memo per PurchaserT38-08PO per DateT5405-01Prod. Orders per StatusT5405-02Prod. O per Status and WrkCntT5406-01All Production OrdersT5600-01FA per FA Location and SubclT5600-02FA per FA LocationT5628-01Insurance Value vs CoverageT5767-01Picks and Ptws Lines – OpenT5773-01Picks and Ptws Lines – Rgstd.T5900-01SrvO per Zone and TypeT5901-01SrvO Lines with WarrantyT5901-02SrvO Lines per Fault CodeT5901-03SrvO Lines without WarrantyT6650-01Pstd Purch. Rtrn O per DateT6651-01Pstd Purch. Rtrn O per ItemsT6660-01Pstd Sales Rtrn O per DateT6661-01Pstd Sales Rtrn O per ItemsT99000754-01Wrk Centers Cap. vs LoadT99000763-01

Routings per Status

Here is an example of an “on the fly” chart:

If for example, you are on the Item list, you go to Actions>Show as Chart

You can select the values to display. In this case, I have selected Quantity on Hand and No..

If you hover the mouse over the value, it will display the details. (see highlighted item).


Even use filters to show just the data you want to see in chart form!

Don’t want a column chart? Want to change the configuration of your report? NAV has that too!


Just right click on the chart and select ‘Customize’ and you get a screen like this:

Here is the same chart with the Graph Type changed to ‘Pie Chart’ and filtered on only Items with a Base Unit of Measure of Pcs.

If we right click on a chart, we have some options that will allow us to copy, save, and/or print out a copy of the Chart.

With these options you can enhance internal and external reporting with visualizations. Add them to Production, Financial or Sales reports and take your reporting to the next level. Professional, accurate and visually pleasing with minimal effort, this is the Microsoft Dynamics NAV difference!

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