NAVigating Your Way to Reducing Support Fees

#2: Gather your thoughts in writing

When confronted with a routine, normal event most people just act and handle the situation without giving it a second thought.  That is because the solution is just that, second nature to them.

However, for new and unfamiliar situations, the very nature of such situations tends to disperse one’s mental faculties.  The way to overcome this is to have a methodical way to tackle the unfamiliar and capture the process in writing – making notes as you do the following:

Understand the problem:

  1. Read the error message

  2. Copy a screen shot of the error (moving the error message to make sure it is not hiding an important piece of information)

  3. Note the NAV Company Name that you are in when encountering the problem.

  4. Note the specific Document No., Account Schedule Name, Journal Template and Batch Name, Line No., the Customer or Vendor No. etc. involved.

  5. Take note where you are in NAV and what you are trying to do.

  6. Take note any options that were specified in the report or posting process, e.g., any filters, Ship/Invoice/Ship and Invoice, Option Tab settings for reports.

Attempt a resolution:

  1. Detail any solutions you have already attempted and the results.

  2. Is this is the first time you are using this Dynamics NAV function?

  3. Has this function always worked and is now not working, if so provide details of any recent changes that have been made in this area of NAV.

  4. Are there any other factors relating to the problem that make it unique or unusual.  New Customer?  New financial period?  New NAV user?

  5. Provide any other details that might assist in trouble-shooting the issue.

The amazing thing about this approach is that more than half the time, just going through this exercise methodically will allow you to see the solution.

This approach has the following payout:

  1. First prize is that you may very well avoid any support charges at all by resolving the issue yourself.

  2. If so you have now documented the situation and its resolution – so you have just added to your in-house NAV support resolution repertoire.

  3. If you were not able to resolve the issue, you already have the issue documented, so it is now much easier and quicker to communicate the issue to your NAV support resource.

  4. Your NAV support resource has all (or most) of the information required to resolve the issue and can thus respond in a more timely manner, with less wasted time clarifying the actual issue.

Take this next step to take charge of your NAV system and your support charges by implementing this approach.

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